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With innovation to the forefront, The Leaflet Company Ireland has now become the leader within the industry sector providing clients with a full array of solutions unrivalled in the Irish market. The Board acknowledged, that to really give clients insights and distribution credibility, constant innovation was required to move forward. Leaflet Company Ireland were the first to introduce their own bespoke solution of GIS mapping solutions to enable better targeting and ROI on marketing campaigns with the ability to utilise data to enhance customer campaigns. The portfolio now has six main solutions such as National blanket covering for mass coverage, data led door-to-door distribution, demographic profiling through the exclusive use of Mosaic Targeting / AMI “Audience Marketing Intelligence“, B2B commercial delivery-, a full range of Print Management solutions and product sampling for FMCG brands.

Your Vision Into Reality

At Mediaprint we build sustainable and long lasting relationships because our print management expertise is customer focused, priced to increase our customers ROI and is delivered within record breaking timeframes. With partners based domestically and all over Europe, we can facilitate any quantity, specification and complex project. We are one of the only print management companies in Europe that has a fully scalable solution that grows with you as our client.

Direct To Your Target Households

Our Home Delivery Network Services subscription based businesses such as newspaper morning delivery and magazine deliveries across Ireland. We use data and customer subscription lists to feed our courier apps that direct drivers and distributors to their distribution points. This business has become very successful with the acquisition of the Irish Times morning deliveries and this network operates through the night with over 100 drivers. The Home Delivery Network has also branched into B2B service delivery where we can deliver packages across Dublin and nationwide in record breaking times.

Visualise Your Customers & Targets

Our Data and Insights business enables you to target either customers or acquisition households with your marketing materials. We use a variety of methods such as Mosaic and AMI to profile your customers enabling us to home in on points of interest by Eircode. We can segment your customers from your target growth areas enabling us to only target the households that mean the most to your business in your short to long-term strategy. This service can also provide you with a mapping application bespoke to your door-drop activities so that you can see visually where you have succeeded or not-succeeded in acquiring new business.

SME Targeted Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet Marketing Ireland is at the forefront of our SME leaflet distribution solutions. This business is solely for our SME customers and provides valuable solutions for you to track your campaigns and target your audience efficiently, no matter how small your business or catchment area is. Our specialist team can advise you on your creative design, print format and also distribution zones that will give you the best chance of significant impact and response from your campaign.

Grab The Attention of Shoppers

Point of Sale is all about grabbing the attention of your customers quickly with promotions, offers and notices that can enhance your sales or your customers journey. At Wave Point of Sale you can be sure that you are in the right hands for creative expertise and also best in class pricing and delivery timeframes. Whether you are looking for Wobblers, Corriboard Signs, Vinyl Graphics, FSDU or Counter Top Displays we have to covered in an end to end solution that will meet all your needs. Our expert team is always on hand to pass down their knowledge to build a solution that exceeds all your expectations.

Building Creative Design Concepts

How your message is presented for marketing purposes is key to strategically positioning your business for growth. At Wave Graphics we provide full brand development, marketing campaign design, digital design and management and of course concept development. Our highly trained team of graphic designers can ensure that your brand and business stands out from the crowd and enhances your revenue growth in all areas. We have worked for many of the major blue-chip brands in Ireland and Europe and hundreds of SME businesses that can all attest to our expertise.

Light Up Your Business Perspective

Whether you are looking for a new shop front or signage for your business we can help build your concept through to finished project. We provide a full signage audit service, graphic design and production facility for all types of signs including: Pavement Signs, Acrylic Signs, Wall Plaques, Fascia Signs, Shopfronts, Vinyl Application, Election Posters and much more. We also provide full installation service with our in-house installers that enable us to install quicker than any other supplier that may outsource these services.

Retail, Exhibition & Outdoors Display Solutions

Exhibitions by any standard can be hard to entice potential clients to your stand due to competition is a very tight and crowded space. At Wave Exhibition we look at all the possibilities you have in your space to enable you to reach the best possible traction from any event. We look at your booths, counter tops, roll-up banner stands, promotional giveaways and much more that will give your business the best possible chance of success. Our consultants will make sure your exhibition or event project is impactful and resonates with your brand and companies ethos and solutions.

Wholesale & Retail Packaging Solutions

Whether you are a retail frontage or Ecommerce business we have your covered with our full array of wholesale and retail packaging and labelling solutions. Wave Packaging gives you a team that works tirelessly on your brand packaging, message and sometimes even you’re compliance to advertising and health and safety standards. If you are launching a product, re-branding your current range or just looking for boxes that you can send your Ecommerce products out to customers with then Wave is your perfect partner.

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