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Data Led Delivery Hitting New Heights

NBI distributes to New Rural Lines Through Segment Data Led Delivery.

The Segment Data Led Delivery Solution has become very popular since its conception back at the beginning of 2020. It has led to many large and small business now being able to market to households that they could not have accomplished before due to costs or the ability to find a provider that could deliver their exact needs as a business.

NBI (National Broadband Ireland) recently joined the Segment Data Led Delivery solution provided by Wave Communications to notify specific households in rural Ireland that they would soon have connectivity to this faster fibre network. NBI is a wholesaler with companies such as SKY, Vodafone and Digiweb as resellers into their lines and it has been very important for the company to provide awareness in all homes that will be connected to the service.

The Segment Data Led Delivery service enabled NBI to target the households in rural Ireland that they will be connecting with their solutions. It also enabled them to cut costs on delivery and printing through the Mediaprint arm of The Wave Media Communications Group.

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